Things to Know Before Moving to California

California Movers

1. You’ll almost definitely need a car.

You’ll almost definitely need a car in California unless you live in San Francisco (hey, big spender!). It’s a vast state, and the majority of the towns and cities are low-density areas with few public transportation options. 

2. In California, direct democracy is widespread.

Remember the dispute in California in 2008 over Proposition 8? The campaign, which proponents of same-sex marriage led, ignited a heated debate and much money on both sides of the issue. Prop 8 is only one example of California’s high-stakes direct democracy. Although other states encourage people to introduce ballot measures, California is known for doing so. Any California resident can launch a petition to measure the ballot and collect the requisite signatures.

3. California’s higher education is world-class.

It is the country’s most extensive public university system. Even though in-state tuition rates have increased over time, they are still cheaper than out-of-state tuition and provide outstanding value at some top-tier colleges.

4. Relocating to California is impossible to solve all of your problems.

Well-known psychological research looked at the satisfaction disparities between residents of California and residents of the Midwest. What’s the result? There weren’t any. People in California were no happier than those in the Midwest who had to suffer harsh winters. So, by all means, migrate to California, but don’t expect a miraculous transformation of yourself.

5. The rivalry between Northern and Southern California 

Residents of Northern and Southern California have distinct traditions, and each loves slamming the other. If you’re relocating to California, you’ll need to make a decision. Do you want it to be dry and sunny or gloomy and moody?

6. If you enjoy the outdoors, California is the place to be.

California is a fantastic place to visit if you enjoy nature and being outdoors. You can climb mountains, visit beaches, ski, surf, swim, and camp in various national and state parks. 

7. Learning a little Spanish is advantageous.

California, like the other 49 nations, is multilingual. If you don’t speak Spanish already, you may want to learn it before moving to California. In the Golden State, you’ll broaden your future friend circle and have an easier time making you heard.

8. You’ll be located in a big agricultural center.

California generates a large amount of the produce on which most of the country – and many other countries – depend. Remember all the hardworking men and women who cultivate and pick the produce that California is famous for when you drive by farms in California or go to your local farmer’s market.

9. In California, eating a balanced diet is effortless.

California is a beautiful place to live if you want a diet rich in fresh produce (and can afford it). Similarly, if you wish to new juice, if you enjoy dining out but cannot consume meat, sugar, gluten, or any other controversial ingredient, you should find it easier to do so in California than in other states. Healthy living is prevalent in California, and it’s usual to be picky about one’s diet, at least in urban areas.

10. You could become a wine connoisseur.

California makes the most wine in the United States. Even if you don’t intend to stay in California wine country after relocating to the town, you can visit to see what all the fuss is about. Living in California will provide you with the motivation to learn more about wine.

11. California has huge tax rates 

There’s no getting around the fact that California’s income taxes are heavy. If you make a lot of money, you’ll have to contribute a lot of it to the state government

Housing is a significant cause of concern in much of California and local zoning laws hold housing availability low. Many state areas are also reeling from the Great Recession, with many homeowners underwater on their mortgages. You’re doing well if you’re fortunate enough to own a home in California that you love and can afford.

13. There are dangers of living in California.

Living in California exposes you to wildfires, mudslides, and earthquakes. That doesn’t mean you’ll be affected by one of these natural disasters, but it’s worth being aware of the possibility. If you move from renting to buying in California, it can affect the cost of homeowners insurance.

14. California is a clean energy testing ground.

Solar energy is popular in California. However, selling electricity back to the grid in California isn’t as simple as it seems. As part of an ongoing fight between utility providers and solar power proponents, California homeowners with rooftop solar systems face contentious fees.

15. Your friends will wish to visit you.

California is a magnificent state with a strong cultural influence in the United States. If you’re moving to California, you should expect your friends and family to want to visit you. When you’re in California, your sofa or guest bedroom will most likely get a lot of use.

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Steps to Take

Moving to a new state may have a substantial financial impact. It’s important to consider the tax consequences, which affect not only your wages but also your property taxes and paycheck.

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