Ramon Garcia, Web Developer

Independent Consultant, Web Developer, Programmer and Project Manager

Name Status Made For
1st Revenue Defunct Strategiweb
Aether Systems Active/ Updated Strategiweb
All Cancer Info Active Prometheus Plan
Allhosting.info Inactive Vivid Genes
Anthony Kuhn Active / Updated Prometheus Plan
Arapax Active Prometheus Plan
Asia Yellow Active Strategiweb
Bakasyon.com Defunct Independent
BayBuys.com Defunct Strategiweb
Beeper 150 Defunct Portal, Inc.
Bo and Arapax Active Prometheus Plan
Bouve College Active Strategiweb
Building Maintainance Professionals Inactive Strategiweb
CAP College on the Web Active Techbounds
Cardstock Games Active Prometheus Plan
CCBN.com Active/ Updated Strategiweb
CCG Post Defunct Prometheus Plan
CJ Traffic Active CJ Traffic
Click Dynamo Defunct Prometheus Plan
CNC International Inactive Strategiweb
Commerce-TV Inactive Strategiweb
Compaq NT-Wizards Inactive Strategiweb
Connections.com Active/ Updated Strategiweb
Consumption Junction Active CJ Traffic
Creative Century Active Prometheus Plan
Cubos Community Portals Inactive Independent
Digital Templates Inactive Vivid Genes
Direct Jewelry Source, Inc. Intranet Independent
Duralectra Active/ Updated Strategiweb
Eastman Kodak Intranet Offshorebreak
El Pollo Chicken Company Active Strategiweb
FreakHole Active CJ Traffic
Golden Bow Gifts Defunct Prometheus Plan
Hey Software, Inc. Active/ Updated Strategiweb
Home Not Home Defunct Strategiweb
Hong Kong Yellow Active Strategiweb
IAA Aerospace Group Active Tsoup
India Yellow Defunct Strategiweb
InfoPage Defunct Portal, Inc.
In God's Time Active/ Updated Pacific Sun
International Aerospace Asia Active Tsoup
Julio Iglesias Inactive Strategiweb
Just Deals Active/ Updated Strategiweb
Knoll Ridges Active Prometheus Plan
LaunchPages.com Active Prometheus Plan
LHS Infocell, Inc. Inactive Strategiweb
Lindfield Corporate Finance Inactive Offshorebreak
Linkings Active CJ Traffic
Libation.com Active Strategiweb
Magical Templates Active Vivid Genes
Malaysia Yellow Defunct Strategiweb
Manila Broadcasting Company Inactive Strategiweb
Marsman Drysdale Active Tsoup
MD Foods Inactive Techbounds
MD Med Inactive Techobunds
MicroFinancial Defunct Strategiweb
Microsoft Corporation Active/ Updated Independent
Mimosa Leisure Estates Defunct Portal, Inc.
Monde MY San Corporation Active/ Updated Independent
My Template Network Active Vivid Genes
Pizza and Booze Active Prometheus Plan
Prometheus Hosting Defunct Prometheus Plan
Prometheus Plan Active Prometheus Plan
Neteos Defunct Strategiweb
Offshorebreak Defunct Offshorebreak
Pacific Sun Asia, LTD Inactive Independent
Phil Yellow Active Strategiweb
Philippine Stock Exchange Active/ Updated Portal, Inc.
PhilTravel.com Defunct Independent
PornSavvy.com Active CJ Traffic
Portal, Inc. Defunct Portal, Inc.
Rage: Apocalypse Active Prometheus Plan
Raketista.com Inactive Techbounds
Ramon Garcia Active Independent
Rational Software Active/ Updated Strategiweb
Rebel Prepaid Internet Active/ Updated Independent
Revenge World Active CJ Traffic
Sanford Process Active/ Updated Strategiweb
SanMig.com Defunct Prometheus Plan
ScriptBreaker Active Vivid Genes
Staten Island University Hospital Active Strategiweb
Sick Fuck Network Active CJ Traffic
Sick Site Network Active CJ Traffic
Sick Site Traffic Active CJ Traffic
Steak and Cheese Active CJ Traffic
Still Free Active CJ Traffic
Taqua Systems Active/ Updated Strategiweb
Techbounds Active Techbounds
Telcom Ventures Active/ Updated Strategiweb
Template Workshop Active Techbounds
Terrace Hotel Active Strategiweb
Thai Yellow Defunct Strategiweb
Thunder X Active Vivid Genes
TinyEggs Active Vivid Genes
Trapik.com Active/ Updated Tsoup
Troma Studios Active/ Updated Strategiweb
UDHosts Active Vivid Genes
Web, Inc. Designs Defunct Prometheus Plan
Weekly Wipe Active CJ Traffic
Wired Island Inactive Offshorebreak
World Cyber Games Active Prometheus Plan
World Wide Web Works Defunct Strategiweb
World Wildlife Fund Active Prometheus Plan
Zarian Jewelry Intranet Offshorebreak
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